power unit

The PU2700 is your ultimate step into the technology of tomorrow, utilising a market leading battery system and PeakPower™ technology.


Constructed using premium components, the PU2700 power unit has a comparative performance to petrol and is engineered to make light work of the toughest jobs. It provides a genuine alternative to traditional combustion engines, while ensuring the highest levels of performance and durability.

  • Performance comparable to a 200cc petrol engine
  • Higher torque than a petrol engine
  • More compact than a petrol engine
  • PEAKPOWER™ balances the performance of multiple batteries
  • Compatible with all EGO handheld batteries
  • Can be connected to an EGO backpack battery
  • Two speeds - eco and boost
  • Power for a whole working day

The technology


    An innovative proactive power output management system. Peak PowerTM senses how many batteries are connected to the system, then regulates the output power automatically.

    When two fully charged batteries are in use, the power unit will output the maximum power continuously, meaning both batteries will deplete in power at the same rate.

    When one full, and one not full battery are paired, the system can detect this and will automatically discharge the full battery on its own until the power matches that of the remaining battery. Once they’re both at the same power level, the system will change the power output to deplete simultaneously.

    Our revolutionary ARC Lithium 56V battery technology delivers the industry's highest energy capacity in a portable handheld battery. With a range of battery sizes available, from 2.5Ah to 12Ah, and up to 28Ah as a backpack battery, choose the power you need to tackle any task.

    The innovative design of EGO’s 56V ARC Lithium battery out-performs petrol-powered products. It is simpler, cleaner, quieter, safer for the environment and, with no emissions and less vibration, safer for users too. Impressive run-times and fast charge-times offer the ultimate in flexibility.

    The PU2700 is mounted on a vertical shaft. It takes up less room than a traditional 4-stroke engine, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

    While end users will be able to convert existing petrol-powered tools which have a rotation plane parallel to the ground, to higher performance battery-powered tools, the technology presents many opportunities for manufacturers.

    And it’s not just performance: our technology is simpler, cleaner, safer, quieter and has proven green credentials.

    Read on to check the dimensions and specifications of the power unit. Please contact us with any questions you might have about compatibility and use.

The PU2700 opens up a world of opportunity for tools which have been, until now, unable to step into the growing market of battery powered outdoor power equipment.

Thanks to its high performance, the EGO Power Unit offers the possibility of replacing conventional petrol units up to 200cc with a modern, emission free, high-torque, electric powertrain equivalent.

Taking up less room than a traditional 4-stroke engine, the EGO power+ system vertical motor will comfortably fit where a traditional combustion motor would normally go.
The PU2700 is compatible with any EGO handheld batteries from 2.5Ah up to the very latest 12.Ah.

Utilising EGO’s proprietary PEAKPOWER™ technology, the PU2700 can use two batteries simultaneously to maximise power output for particularly challenging operations. It provides the same compatibility with the additional adaptor to allow for backpack battery usage.

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The EGO 56V ARC Lithium battery and power unit are suitable for use on a range of outdoor power equipment.
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