Opportunities for change

We believe that it should be easy to switch over to battery power.

Whether that's at the manufacturing stage or you've purchased your product already, EGO can provide a solution. Change to award-winning battery technology from EGO that’s primed for efficiency, economy, safety and petrol-beating performance.
  • Emissions of the most widely used petrol power tool, exceeds that of a car!
  • Battery-powered tools cost less to run and maintain than their petrol-powered counterparts.
  • Two thirds of petrol users reported suffering from some kind of illness or injury

Endless applications

  • Power tools
  • Motorcycles & scooters
  • Generators
  • Household appliances

EGO’s 56V ARC Lithium battery technology is a leading solution to sustainability, performance, emissions and safety. With the highest energy capacity of any hand-held battery on the market, it can power all kinds of outdoor equipment.

The EGO battery and power unit are products of decades of investment into pioneering R&D. Originally developed for next-generation garden tools, we’ve made the technology widely available and accessible for other uses. The opportunities are endless.

Whether you already have an existing petrol tool or you’re manufacturing a new product, EGO has made it easy for you to switch. EGO’s award-winning battery power helps you leave petrol where it belongs, in the past. Its benefits range from environmental to health, from saving money to improved performance – discover more in our various case studies.

Our 56V ARC Lithium™ battery surpasses the competition on every level. It’s simpler, cleaner and quieter than petrol, and more economical to run. Our unique Keep Cool™ technology and ARC-shaped design ensures it works longer and harder than any other.

Constructed using premium components, the PU2700 power unit is engineered to make light work of the toughest jobs. It has a comparative performance to petrol and provides a genuine alternative to traditional combustion engines, while ensuring the highest levels of performance and durability.

Switch on to EGO

The EGO 56V ARC Lithium battery and power unit are suitable for use on a range of outdoor power equipment.
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